Membership Criteria - Those eligible for "Full Membership" shall be:

  1. All "Supervisory Officers" employed in Local Government.
  2. For the purpose of "Full membership" eligibility, "Supervisory Officers" are those who have responsibility for either the whole of a Municipality's outside works, or a defined and specific part thereof, or is titled as a Supervisor of inside personnel.
  3. In the case of Authorities with a Staff Engineer or Engineers, or in the case of Authorities in which the Clerk assumes a Supervisory role of the outdoor works,
  4. "Supervisory Officers" (eligible for Full Membership of the Association) shall be those directly responsible to the Engineer or Clerk, who supervise the outdoor works, or any person who holds a Supervisory position within Local Government.
  5. Any Leading Hand who is employed in Local Government, and who is in charge of any outside employees, and has held this Supervisory position for a period no less than two (2) years.
  6. All Full Members of the Association to have power to vote at all meetings.