Why not improve your skills by joining the LG Works e-learning for job-specific training?

LG Works e-learning is a cost-effective, professional e-learning platform delivered by Brainbox. LG Works e-learning delivers knowledge right to the point where it is needed. For each individual, the learning experience is short, sharp and highly targeted. Micro-credentials clearly illustrate to employers that an employee has demonstrated an understanding of a specific topic to a certain competency.

Our members’ feedback on career advancement was that they needed to update their skills in some areas, and train in areas they had not yet needed to use. LG Works e-learning offers LG Works members a well-designed, flexible, portable and cost-effective system of learning. It provides an opportunity to help our members develop their skills without compromising time and cost.
LG Works has partnered with Brainbox to provide you with small courses, we like to call micro-credentials. In consultation with Works Managers and those building their careers within local government, we have chosen 30 courses which we hope will provide you with the extra skills we all seem to need these days.
Ranging from report writing to excel spreadsheets to managing bullying in the workplace, there is something for everyone.
You can learn the way that suits you and at a time that suits you. Once you have completed the course you will undertake a short assessment and be issued with a certificate of completion. This will provide management with proof that you have understood that particular subject.

There are many courses to choose from, but some of interest to our members include:

Microsoft Office 365 bundle

  • Access 365: Part 1. Generate reports
  • Access 365: Part 1. Getting Started with Access
  • Access 365: Part 1. Importing and exporting data
  • Excel 365: Part 1. Finalising Workbooks
  • Excel 365: Part 1. Formatting a Worksheet
  • Excel 365: Part 1. Getting Started
  • Office 365: Part 1. Getting started

Workplace Essentials

  • Being a team player
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • Code of Conduct: Setting the tone for your workplace collaboration
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • Employee accountability

Supervising and Managing

  • Advanced Project Management
  • Budgets and Managing Money
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Human resources training: HR for the Non-HR managers
  • Effective planning and scheduling
  • Intermediate project management
  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors: communication, coaching and conflict

Career Development

  • Building your self-esteem and assertiveness skills
  • Communication strategies
  • Conquering your fear of speaking in public
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Goal Setting

Human Resources

  • Building better teams
  • Conducting effective performance reviews
  • Conflict resolution: Getting along in the workplace
  • Employee dispute resolution: Mediation through peer review
  • Employee Recognition: Appreciate your workforce
  • Logistics and supply chain management