The benefits of membership for LGAs

We look forward to your participation as members, helping to guide your career through a demanding future of change and development.

As a member, you will:

  • be part of nationally recognised association
  • be kept informed about issues in local government
  • be able to maintain and develop your skills within the industry via our e-learning platform
  • get financial support and legal advice when seeking legal advice on Industrial Relations issues
  • get discounted  training courses through LG Professionals WA
  • have access to a Buddy mentoring program
  • have access to Rural Infrastructure assistance
  • obtain a discount to the LGWA Annual State Conference.

Businesses and Corporates – Join Now!

With the valued support of corporate members, we continue to build our knowledge base of construction and maintenance techniques, products and services that ensure 'Best Value' and sustainable Asset management and development. As a Corporate member of the LG Works Association, you will:

  • get your logo and contact details in front of our members when searching for services—they will support those who support them
  • have Early-bird access to conference exhibition areas
  • be supporting LGWA, as we are a not-for-profit organisation
  • benefit from cheap membership rates—just $220 pa.

General membership information

Membership criteria

Those people eligible for Membership shall be:

  1. Those Officers of Local Government, paid under a Municipal Supervisory Officers scale.
  2. Those Officers paid under another scale of rates, but who carry out the functions of "Supervisory Officer".
  3. Retired persons previously having qualified, shall remain eligible to be Members.
  4. Once admitted to "Full Membership" status, a member shall be entitled to indefinitely retain his / her membership status, provided that they always remain financial and that they are not subject to expulsion through Section 15 of the Constitution.
  5. Application must be made on the appropriate electronic form.
  6. Such applications will firstly be considered by the Management Committee to determine eligibility.
  7. Then you will be invoiced for the Annual Subscription fee, fixed from time to time at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. Each member shall pay to the Association annually, (by the Annual General Meeting) or other such date as the Committee from time to time determines, all subscription fees due.
  9. A member whose subscription is not paid within Three (3) months after the relevant date fixed by, or under sub-clause six (vi) ceases on the expiry of that period to be a member, unless the Committee decides otherwise.
  10. Any person whose application shall have been rejected by the Association, shall be entitled to appeal in writing against the decision thereof to the next General Meeting of the Association, and a seventy five percent (75%) majority of members present at such meeting may by resolution uphold such appeal.
  11. The Association shall have power to confer "Honorary Life Membership" on any member who has rendered special services to the Association. Nominations for "Life Membership" shall be on the recommendation of the Management Committee, submitted to the Annual General Meeting of the Association, and shall be confirmed only by a seventy five percent (75%) majority of voting members present at such meeting. Other members wishing to nominate another member for "Life Membership" status, will need to apply in writing to the Management Committee, with all relevant details of the nominee and reasons for the nomination. The nominations for "Life Membership shall be made on the appropriate printed schedule Form 5.

Only one (1) "Life Membership" being conferred in any one (1) year, unless decided otherwise by the Management Committee. Such "Life Membership" having full power to vote at all meetings.

LG Professionals WA and LG Works

LG Professionals WA and LG Works Association have entered a partnership arrangement that recognises both Associations as reputable peak bodies representing and supporting their respective members working in local governments.

In accordance with the terms of this agreement, LG Professionals WA are providing access to the following benefits for LG Works Association members:

  • Access to an online portal through the LG Professionals WA website – LG Works members will have special access to the portal which will allow them to initiate online discussions and share resources with other members.
  • Statewide magazine either in digital or printed version.
  • Monthly e-newsletter with information about LG Professionals WA training programs and the latest industry information.
  • 5% discount to all LG Professionals WA events and training programs (not including conferences)
  • Opportunity to provide input to any submission of LG Professionals WA in response to legislation and regulations changes that has an impact on both Associations’ respective members.
  • Lift Off Mentoring Program – LG Works members are eligible to nominate for the annual LG Professionals WA Lift Off Mentoring Program.
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Among other things, members have access to the Member’s Portal where you will find speaker presentations from the last Conference, Job Vacancies and the opportunity to join LG Works e-learning courses.

See more benefits on our Membership page.

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Training opportunities

new online learning

LG Works e-learning

The LGWA are introducing a new training program for our members which you can access via our website.
Training will be conducted online with the aid of the Brain Box Team. More information is on our Awards-Skills page.

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